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'Keeping Officers Out Of Danger,' Dallas Police Department To Use Drones

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The Dallas Police Department will now use drones to create a unique aerial perspective on law enforcement incidents.
"Using drones will provide critical on-scene information that will lead to keeping officers out of danger, protecting citizens lives and providing useful information for those units tasked with investigating these crimes," said Deputy Chief of Tactical Operations Division, Mike Igo.

The department will use the drones for: search and rescue, disaster response, missing persons, fugitive apprehensions, building searches, bombs and hazardous materials, dangerous suspects, planned operations, civil unrest violations and crime scene photography.

It will not, according to a video released by the department, use drones for misdemeanors or offenses resulting in fines only. Also, the department said drone operators will receive training on FAA guidelines and standard operating procedures on privacy concerns related to the 4th amendment.

They will not conduct arbitrary flights violating a person's right to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures of their belongings. A search warrant will be secured first, and recording on private property won't occur without a warrant.

The aerial recordings are kept for a minimum of 90 days. But if evidentiary evidence exists, recordings may be kept longer, according to Chief Igo.

(credit: Dallas Police Department)



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