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Jury May See Enrique Arochi's Car In Person

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MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) - After nearly two weeks in the courthouse, the jury in the Enrique Arochi trial will likely have a change of pace soon.

Arochi's car is a key part of the trial, so rather than just show the jury pictures, prosecutors want to bring the jurors to a secure location where they can see the vehicle in person, possibly even touch it to have a better understanding.

When investigators took Arochi's 2010 Camaro into evidence, it was sure to play a critical role in the case. Defense Attorney Stephanie Holan said this type of demonstration is unusual.

"When they bring in evidence, it's in bags, clothes. That's much more common. It's very rare for something like a car to be put on exhibit," Holan said.

Surveillance video shows Arochi with Morris the night she disappeared. Prosecutors have argued that DNA evidence found inside the trunk proves Arochi was responsible for her disappearance, and they want jurors to see the trunk in person.

"There's a lot more emotion tied to actually seeing the car. It's very similar to the OJ Simpson case when they allowed the jurors to go through the home," Holan said.

But taking the jury on a field trip won't be easy. Exactly when and where it will happen have been difficult to pin down.

"Then there are the particular security concerns. Number one, protecting the identity and the security of the jurors themselves.  Also it's very much a media draw, so keeping reporters back. Also the logistics of having a court reporter set up, so that she can record exactly what happens that's going on," Holan said.

Whether this demonstration happens Friday is still unclear. We understand the defense will have an opportunity to make any last minute objections before the judge moves forward.

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