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Job-Seeking Vets Head To Veteran's Day Job Fair At AT&T Stadium

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Hundreds of U.S. Veteran service members turned out for a job fair at AT&T stadium held by Recruit Military on Thursday.

Organizers say more than 100 recruiters from companies and industries spanning from tech to law enforcement and everything in between were there to welcome them.

Julius Miley, a 21 year veteran of the Army says like most all vets, he showed up looking for that next career opportunity after his service.

"We are dedicated we are loyal we defend this country, we're hard workers," she says.

Veterans say one of the toughest challenges they face after their time in the military is knowing how to translate their work experience into a civilian work force.

Navy veteran Jared Lane says most are used to a military structure and culture for so long they have a hard time articulating their experiences.

"We've only had one thing that we followed our whole careers and it's a big transition."

The good thing for potential hires like Lane, many of the recruiters are veterans themselves and they understand their challenges as they transition.

Recruiters say they not only appreciate their experiences, they are seeking them to add to their workforce.

Laura Graves, the HR Director for Edward Don and Company says, "We find outstanding candidates from a dedication and loyalty perspective. They are that true and true, and we really find good supervisors and management from people who are hardworking and dedicated."

More than a 1,000 veterans had signed up to attend Thursday's event.

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