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Hurst Couple Loses Home, Suffer Serious Injuries After Explosion

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) - New video shows police rushing towards a house as an explosion forces them back.

Dazed and shell-shocked, Hurst Police Officer Travis Hiser keeps moving toward a house that has just exploded and is now on fire.

"We could hear her yelling and when I heard her yelling, it let me know that she's alive and if she's alive, then we need to anything that we can to get her out of there," said Officer Hiser.

Officer Hiser and another Hurst police officer were first called to a house on 400 block of Myrtle Drive on April 7 when a car crashed into the house. A woman was uninjured but trapped in her bedroom. Two men were also in the house. As the officers approached, the house exploded.

The homeowners' daughter, Sarah Shirey, says her mom, Dixie Bridges, was not only burned but was left bleeding for a major artery. Doctors have told her the officers' timing was crucial.

"Thank you is not even enough," said Shirey. "Without them, my mother would not be here."

Both husband and wife are being treated at Parkland hospital in Dallas. Dixie was just able to breathe on her own yesterday in ICU. Her husband, Charles, has third degree burns on his hands and face.

Their daughter says they have months ahead of them in the hospital, and their house is totaled.

"My parents have lost everything they've ever worked for. When they get out of the hospital, they'll need everything from a home to a toothbrush," said Shirey.

Shirey has set up a GoFundMe page for her parents.

Police say the man who crashed the car into the house gave officers a fake name and didn't have a driver's license. He was turned over to immigration officials on the presumption he's in the country illegally.

Police say much of the evidence that could be used to charge him was on the car and destroyed in the fire.

He could end up only being charged for a misdemeanor for not having a license.

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