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Holiday Shopping Shift? Some North Texans Turn To Antique Malls, Thrift Stores To Avoid Supply Chain Issues

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Thrift stores across North Texas say they're seeing a shift in shopping habits this holiday season, as more folks look for ways to outsmart the supply chain.

From jewelry to typewriters, candlesticks and neon sights. You want it? Montgomery Street Antique Mall in Fort Worth, has it.

Becky Mingle is a vintage dealer at the location and says this holiday season, they've seen more shoppers than ever before.

"We were starting to see people come in to buy those things they couldn't get," Mingle said. "They would say 'I ordered this, I can't get it, it will be March before it comes in.'"

She believes the most obvious reason, being supply chain woes and of course, product shortages.

"We have it all. We're stocked. We're stocked and ready to go!" Mingle said.

She also says people are likely looking for bargains after a tough financial year, as well as for ways to support local business owners.

"People want to come in and shop small."

But it's not just a local trend.

Online vintage and secondhand retailer "Charish" saw a 60% increase in sales this year, and lists the same reasons.

A recent study by the online shopping platform "Mercari" shows three out of four American adults say they expect to buy at least one secondhand item this holiday season, driving as much as $7 billion into the resale sector.

Mingle says it's an exciting trend for local antique and vintage shops, and a win for consumers, who get unique items, too.

"Anyone can go into a department store…but when you come in here, you're gifting one of a kind things."

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