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Highland Park Takes On Bikes Abandoned By Bike Share Users

HIGHLAND PARK (CBSDFW.COM) - A new ordinance approved by officials in Highland Park is taking aim at so-called "orphan" bikes left abandoned on their streets by bike share users.

The ordinance read in part: "The town has received complaints from residents regarding the bicycles creating street clutter, sidewalk obstructions, and being left in residential front yards."

The town's new plan is to gather the bikes left behind, impound them and if they aren't claimed within 15 days, sell them at auction.

Some residents said they were on board with the idea.

Amy Koellmer said, "I think someone had a good idea trying to help people but they have become litter and it's just really unfortunate that they have been thrown everywhere."

The impound fines for the bikes will begin at $30 for the first bike, $50 for the second, and $75 for the third. From the fourth and up, it will cost the bike share company $100 per bike.

Unlike Dallas, Highland Park does not have any contracts with any of the bike share companies.

The new ordinance is set to take effect next week.

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