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Harsh Criticism For President Obama From North Texans On Immigration

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Millions of people in the Untied States illegally, will have to wait to find out if they can stay here.

President Obama will not take any executive action on immigration reform until after November's mid-term election.

Stakeholders on both sides are criticizing the delay.

In North Texas, one very vocal voice is blasting the President. Some estimates indicate one million North Texans are undocumented.

Marco Malagon is a member of that group. He's the co-founder of North Texas Dream Team, a group pushing for eliminating deportations for undocumented families.

The current plan is to push any executive order on immigration reform down the road.

The President won't do anything until midterm elections are done, and this is viewed by Malagon as a slap in the face from a President who continues to talk about providing a pathway to citizenship.

According to Malagon, the President has taken little no action.

"As the President, you say you're the supporter of immigrants, we are now tired, and we know he's a hypocrite. He doesn't care about us. If he cared, he would've stopped deportations a long time ago. The democratic party is lying to us every time," said Malagon. "Do you know how many times he's lied to our face?"

For weeks, supporters and opponents expected an immigration reform executive order from President Obama. A controversial directive aimed at allowing millions in the country illegally to stay.

Malagon now knows the president will take no action on the matter until midterm elections complete. And he's not happy. "He's already shown lack of leadership. if you can't control your team, then your not their leader. We have the President saying I'm your friend, I'm the one who's going to help you, but he's the one deporting your people, " argued Malagon.

There is strong opposition in North Texas from conservatives and others against any effort for amnesty for people in this country illegally.


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