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4 Kids Hurt When Truck Hits Fort Worth Home

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Four children are in the hospital Friday morning after a truck slammed into their home. The incident took place at about 2:00 a.m. in the 4000 block of Lebow Street, near Meacham Airport in north Fort Worth, and authorities are still trying to find the hit-and-run driver.

That crash left a gaping hole in the front of the home. According to police and firefighters on the scene, a pickup truck first struck a parked vehicle in the street before plowing into the home's living room. "Four children who were asleep at the time were injured," explained Tim Hardeman with the Fort Worth Fire Department.

The kids were transported to the hospital by ambulance, but their injuries are not life threatening. Witnesses said that they were able to walk away from the home on their own. Their mother was also asleep in the living room where the truck hit, and is also being checked out at the hospital. The ages of the victims have not been released.

Henry Sosa is a neighbor who actually owns the home. He heard the loud crash and ran outside. "And when I come out, there was a truck that was in the house, stuck there, and he was trying to -- back and forth, back and forth -- trying to get out. I went inside the house and grabbed my phone to call 911," he recalled. "By the time I came back out to see what was going on and see what I could do, one of the guys belted out of the truck and took off running down the street. By that time, this guy broke loose and backed out and took off down the street, and he had a flat tire."

That vehicle has been described as a black, full-cab Ford F-150. The truck also knocked down a fence as it drove away from the scene. Emergency crews helped board up the home and secure the living room wall.

Authorities were questioning the people in a home two blocks away from the crash site, but there has been no word yet about possible suspects or any reports of individuals being taken into custody.

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