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Fort Worth Dealing With Triple The Normal Amount Of Water Main Breaks

FORT WORTH (CBS11) - An unusually cold January (for North Texas) has left the City of Fort Worth swamped with water main breaks.

The city confirms old water pipes busted at a record-setting pace in the past month.

In a regular January, Fort Worth deals with about 70 to 75 water main breaks. This month, its had about 250.

"As the air temp stays below freezing for more than a day, then the water temp begins to drop, and the older cast iron pipes, we've noticed that they start to break when the temperature reaches below 40," says Mary Gugliuzza with the Fort Worth Water Department.

In Fort Worth, most of the cast iron pipes are inside Loop 820, the older part of town. Even though there hasn't been a water main break in a few days, Fort Worth is still cleaning up from scores of water main breaks.

"It takes a few days after any main break to get the street repaired completed," said Gugliuzza.

Right now, the city is working to repair a water leak in East Fort Worth. While that leak didn't create massive flooding, it has created a headache for residents, like Juan Hernandez.

"You barely get any water coming out," he said. "You turn on the hot water and it's like little (drop.)"

He says they have constant low water pressure and have had their water shut off twice so crews can find the source of the leak.

"We are aware of all the street cuts out there that need to be repaired and we are going to get it just as quickly as we can," said Gugliuzza.

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