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Fort Worth Planning To Put In More Sidewalks; Taxpayers Can Help Decide Where

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - If you live in Fort Worth and feel your area needs more sidewalks, getting your wish could be a phone call away.

The city has identified more than 7,000 locations across the city that don't have sidewalks, but need them.

Only 20 of those areas are considered a top priority at this point.

But taxpayers can request a sidewalk where they live by calling in.

The number to call is 817-392-1234.

Fort Worth adopted an Active Transportation Plan in April that identifies priority pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects for funding and implementation.

Pedestrian infrastructure needs are addressed in the plan primarily through the identification, evaluation and ranking of new sidewalk projects.

New sidewalk projects refer exclusively to those projects that fill a gap in the sidewalk network.

The city says sidewalk gaps were identified through a citywide inventory, evaluated based on criteria such as safety, equity and proximity to transit and community facilities, and then ranked for implementation.

Sidewalk repair or widening projects are not addressed in the plan.

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