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Guide To Giving Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Invitation, check.

Outfit, check.

Hostess gift, aaaaaaahhhh not yet.

What do they like? What should I get? OOOOOHHHH I just don't know. Here are some ideas around Fort Worth that will get your creative juices flowing!

Hostess gifts can range from simple and cute to elaborate and expensive. My personal range is between $15-$40. Typically landing in the $20-$30 range.

When creating a hostess gift I try to select items that hit all three of these categories because it makes for the best and most original gifts.

12/6 Shopping & Style Gifts
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

Clear – I love clear packaging. First, because it's pretty, but more importantly you see what's inside. If your gift is in a clear package, vase or container the hostess can see the gift, comment how creative it is AND anyone else around can see it too. It is a great icebreaker and topic of conversation. LOVE THAT!

Gift-in-a-gift – If the packaging, vase or container is glass than it's a gift in itself. And the goodies inside are too. Bonus! Two gifts in one.

Personalized – This is two fold: First, to me personalized means that you have selected the gift exactly to and for that person. If they love the ocean or are from the seacoast give them a tall clear jar full of blown glass balls from old lobster traps. They are so beautiful! Second take personalization to the next level and literally create a gift for them. I love the idea of customizing a belt for a close friend in her favorite colors, school colors or theme.

So what to bring if you're going to a party thrown by your spouse's boss – that you really don't know?

12/6 Shopping & Style Hot Chocolate Gift
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

If they have small children how about an all in one hot cocoa gift. Fill a large air-tight glass container with a lid ($5.99, World Market) with hot chocolate powder about ¾ full then add large marshmallows and fill to the top. Tie to the back of the container a couple of mugs ($3.99 each at World Market) and tie to the front some rock candy, chocolate covered spoons or chocolate covered candy cane sticks. All in all the gift will cost about $20.00 and it is totally adorable!

12/6 Shopping & Style Chinese Take Out
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

This one is fun. Take a large, clear Chinese food take-out box (Hobby Lobby, $3.99) and fill it with actual fortune cookies (Pei Wei a bag of 100 for $5.00.) Pop in a set of chopsticks for fun or really up the anti and attach a gift card from your favorite Chinese restaurant. On a note card print out 'thank you' in Chinese and attach to the box. It's also a great ice breaker…have guests open and share their fortune. Total of $9.00 Fun!

12/6 Shopping & Style Cocktails
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

The Cocktailer – A clear, glass, covered jar (TJ Maxx $9.99) filled with Margarita and Daiquiri in a bag ($5.99 each, World Market); a variety of salt/sugar rimmers ($4.99 each, World Market); and drink stirrers ($6.99, World Market). Total $27.00. Cheers!

Best Friend's Annual Holiday Party:

12/6 Shopping & Style Glass Jar
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

Ocean Lover – Clear, glass, covered, tall jar (TJ Maxx $9.99) and fill with blown glass balls ( set of 8, $7.99.) I like the vase filled so try two sets of 8 = 16 balls. Clear balls are beautiful too! Total $38.00. This is a very thoughtful and special gift for a beach lover – it is a different twist than the old boring container of shells!

12/6 Shopping & Style Homemade Belt
Photo Credit: Tricia Mahoney

Custom created belt – I love the idea of creating the gift (or at least being a small part of the process.) That is why I love the Frayed Originals belt from Ordinary Meets Clever for $36.00 (yup she is a DFW based business too.) When you order you can specify a color palette, style or theme that you like – such as soft pinks, modern or best of all school colors. The belts are soft, comfy and make any casual outfit put together – instantly. LOVE THAT! Pop it in a cool plastic box (Michaels, $2.99). Total $39.00.

Other ideas:

Wine lover – Clear glass bowl, two wine glasses, bottle of wine and The Pisces Fish Multi-lever corkscrew, $34.99 (my favorite wine opener!) Based on the glasses and wine you select it can be as expensive as you choose it to be.

Christmas Party – Clear glass, covered, tall, jar and fill it with vintage Christmas ornaments. Festive and pretty!

Chocoholic – Clear glass, tall jar – take tall thin plastic bags and fill one bag with M&M's, one with Hershey Kisses, one with Recees Peanut Butter Cups and one with Rolo's. Put all bags upright in the jar. Yum, yum!

Tip: putting together a thoughtful gift does take time. Plan ahead and buy in advance. Have a stash of goodies that you can pull from at anytime or better yet assemble a few and store them in your closet. You will be very thankful you did!

Where you can find these goodies:


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