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Former Garland ISD Student Inspired By Officer Becomes One Himself At Same Department

GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) — A Garland police officer whose dedicated his work to children as a school resource officer, shared a special moment with a former student Thursday.

A former student that grew up to be an officer himself, in the same department.

CBS 11 News reporter Ken Molestina tagged along as they both headed back to the place where the inspiration all began.

Officer Rene Granado said that as a school resource officer, he's "seen these kids through kindergarten."

He's been the longtime school resource officer at Daugherty Elementary in Garland, where Police Officer Luis Diaz went to school.

"I saw this young rookie officer and I thought I would introduce myself," Granado said in reference to when the two reconnected a year ago. "He [Diaz] quickly corrected me and said that he knew me because I was his SRO."

Today, the two walk the same halls where they first met — taking a trip down memory lane as fellow officers in blue.

For the first time, Diaz got to experience the kind of childhood admiration he once had for Granado.

"It's a nice feeling to have someone to go to. Just for reinforcement," Diaz said.

And it's this connection, now coming full circle, that created a bond between them.

"Finally, one of my former students grew up and is a Garland police officer," Granado said. "To actually see one wearing this, and that holy marcel... Wow."

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