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Florida Man Dances Through Field Sobriety Test, Is Arrested For DUI

HOLIDAY, Fla. (CBSDFW.COM) - Dancing with the deputies? Authorities were not amused.

A Florida man was arrested for driving under the influence after he appeared to be dancing during a field sobriety test as shown on a deputy's body cam Wednesday.

CBS affiliate WTSP reported that 33-year-old Christopher Larson was found asleep at the wheel in front of a closed business in Holiday, Florida at around 2 a.m. Deputies said the vehicle was still running and the brake lights were on.

He was awoken by deputies but then tried to get out the vehicle while the car was in drive. A deputy reportedly had to jump in the car to stop it from causing damage.

According to authorities, Larson also thought he was in a different city.

Deputies had Larson perform a field sobriety test, but he appeared disoriented and didn't follow directions. This is when a deputy's body cam captured the suspect dancing along the test line.

"Are you done now?" asked one deputy as he continued to dance.

Deputies said Larson also blew into a breathalyzer where he got a reading of 0.28 BAC. He was soon arrested for DUI.

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