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Flooded Argyle Neighborhood Still Recovering Ahead Of Expected Storms This Week

ARGYLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Living in fear. It's how some homeowners in the Arglye neighborhood off Skyline Drive and Valley View Court say they feel heading into this week.

Storms are expected, and they say they still haven't recovered from the last round of torrential rain.

"Right now we're living on one side of our home," Savanah King said.

The other half of her home is flooded.

"On Tuesday, unfortunately, we had a really bad flash flood hit out neighborhood," she said.

On Tuesday, water ran down Valley View Court causing it to buckle. Close to a dozen homes flooded in this neighborhood.

Residents say every time it rains for more than 30 minutes flooding occurs, but Tuesday was exceptionally bad.

"We know that the water is coming from the development behind us," Erin Reed said. "They're up on the hill and we're at the bottom of the hill so naturally water runs down, but in recent years the water amount has increased significantly."

Residents say a detention pond between the homes at the top of the hill and the bottom of the hill wasn't designed to hold enough water, so when it rains heavily the water spills over the pond through private property and on to Valley View Court.

They said they've reached out to town leaders, especially the mayor, for help.

"We're reaching out to him and we want to have a discussion with him," King said.

Argyle's mayor, Donald Moser, says the flooding problem was first brought to his attention last November. He said the town then hired an engineer to look into what's causing the problem and offered solutions to fix it, but since they weren't getting the results they wanted, they hired another engineer last month and stressed they need their findings soon.

"We'd like to discuss this with them personally," Reed said.

The homeowners affected by the flooding have written a letter that they plan to present to town leaders.

In it, they reiterate that they want to meet with them for an in-depth discussion on what they're dealing with.

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