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Dallas Film Buff Turns Passion Into Car Business

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - "Growing up in the 80's I loved all the cool movie cars," says Bob Moseley, who lives in Oak Cliff.  He says the first car that took his breath away was the DeLorean time machine from the movie, Back to the Future.

"I bought a DeLorean car in 2003, and when you've got a DeLorean, people always come up to you and saying, 'Hey where's your flux capacitor?" Moseley said with a grin.  "So just as a joke I put one in, and I just kept adding stuff."

Since then, Moseley has built eight replicas of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. He spends all his spare time, looking for spare parts, like a 1980'S Krupps Coffee Grinder that doubles as a gadget called Mr. Fusion on the Delorean.

It's that kind of dedication to authenticity that turns heads when Moseley takes his movie replica cars on the road.  He's also recreated the Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers.  If Elwood Blues shows up to claim it someday, he'll find his hat and sunglasses on the dashboard, right next to his driver's license.

He's working on building "Ecto One" from Ghostbusters out of a used hearse. After that, he steps on the gas to the next project. A part time hobby has turned into a full time business, complete with a web site that lists the cars he sells.  He says he's always looking for a new challenge.

"Any car or anything I saw on screen, if they did it, I can do it."

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