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FedEx Truck Tears Up Woman's Yard; Company Takes Weeks To Respond

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KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) - A Keller woman came home to find a FedEx truck stuck in the middle of her yard. And when the company ignored her calls, she called CBS11 Consumer Justice reporter Cristin Severance for help.

"What were you thinking?" asked Mimi Andrews.

Apparently, the FedEx driver who used Mimi Andrews' yard to turn around wasn't thinking.

"He said, I'll come back and fix it. I told him, he's done more damage than one man will be able to fix," said Andrews.

The FedEx driver ran across the street to Andrews' neighbor Andrew Pagani's door for help.

"I said 'what are you doing driving on my neighbor's lawn? You better call your boss and let him know you need some help here'." said Pagani.

Pagani said the man's boss, several other FedEx employees and a tow truck eventually arrived.

But when the  truck was pulled out by a wrecker, it created an even bigger mess.

This FedEx tore up a McKinney woman's yard. Then the company ignored her calls. That is, until CBS11 Consumer Justice reporter Cristin Severance worked the story. (credit: CBS11 News)

"I was raised that driving on someone's lawn was something you never, ever, ever do," said Andrews.

After promises by the driver, the man's boss and repeated calls to FedEx... Andrews' yard was still torn up three weeks later.

"To damage someone's property and then just stonewall me... 'Oh well, if we don't call her back she'll go away,' makes me angry," said Andrews.

Severance called FedEx and a representative reached out to Andrews that day, that night and the next day.

"I went from no calls, to several different calls from people at the top," said Andrews.

The company apologized to Andrews, told her to hire a company to fix the yard and they would send her a check immediately," said Andrews. "I feel great, Consumer Justice has definitely been done in this case."

FedEx sent CBS11 News the following statement:

"We expect anyone who provides service on behalf of FedEx Ground to make every delivery with the utmost care. This behavior is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx demonstrates in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to customers every day. While we do not disclose specific details of customer interactions, we worked directly with Mrs. Andrews and have taken the appropriate steps to address this matter."

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