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Father Of Student Attacked In South Padre Wants Justice

CAMERON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) - After his son was brutally attacked on South Padre Island, the father of a Dallas college student is now looking for justice.

Derek Madrigal was beaten with the lid of a cooler and stabbed on a crowded beach last weekend. According to police, the Brookhaven Community College student was attacked while trying to protect his girlfriend from men who were harassing her.

As a result of his injuries,  21-year-old Madrigal, also known as "DJ," has undergone two surgical procedures and continues to recover at a Harlingen hospital.

To date, one man, 33-year-old Michael Rangel from San Antonio, has been arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon for the attack.

Initially bond for the suspect was set at $20,000, but a judge increased the amount to $100,000.

The victim's father, Frank Madrigal, told CBS television station KGBT that he doesn't think the charges are tough enough.

"We need to be diligent that we really bring the right kind of closure to this incident," he said. "As far as the charges, I can only tell you that although I feel that they're far lower than they should be I'm committed to working with the district attorney."

Police continue to investigate the incident and are talking with witnesses and viewing cell phone videos from people on the beach, in hopes of identifying the other men involved in the attack.

Frank Madrigal had harsh words for the wanted suspects. "How dare you! How low you are! You're nothing but gutless cowards, faceless cowards," he said. ""Man up! Do the right thing and present yourself, as I am."

Madrigal said his son is healing slowly, from multiple stab wounds, but is in good spirits.

Derek Madrigal graduated from Richardson High School in 2009.

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