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Family, Residents Call For Change In Neighborhood Where Hurst Home Exploded

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) - A house explosion Saturday afternoon in Hurst caused by a car crash sent several people to the hospital, including a family of three. Now, family members and neighbors are calling for change on the neighborhood roads to avoid another catastrophe.

Misty Foote remembers the house before it was reduced to rubble. "The holidays. Everybody getting together. Everyone having fun," she said.

She said the house was built by her grandparents and that it's been in the family for 60 years.

A Hurst official said an SUV hit a gas line, causing the explosion. The driver, Arnulfo Castro, was arrested for not having a valid driver's license.

"My uncle stopped the guy from leaving. As he went back inside the house, that's when it exploded. It blew her [aunt] back," said Foote.

Foote said her aunt, Dixie Bridges, is no longer in critical condition.

"From what I heard, she was trapped underneath the vehicle. And my uncle got her out," said Foote.

Foote's uncle, Charles, and cousin, Christopher, were also injured in the explosion.

"It just breaks my heart. Every time I look at it. I woke up thinking it was a dream," said neighbor Renee Fair.

Neighbors, Beth and Renee, plan to talk to the city about installing speed bumps and stop signs.

"We always knew something would happen. We've seen cars flipped over... we've seen it hit her side of the house. They just haul through here," said Fair.

It's a concern echoed by Foote and other relatives.

"People on both sides of this S curve have had mailboxes taken out. Still, the city has never done anything," said Foote.

The driver is still in custody and police are still investigating if he was speeding.

Two officers were also injured in the explosion. One was treated at the hospital and later released. Both of the them will be okay.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the family injured in the explosion.

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