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Couple Bought Fake Tickets To Cowboys Playoff Game: 'We Wanted To Be There So Bad'

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Last weekend, Dallas Cowboys playoff tickets were the hottest in town.

If the Cowboys win again Saturday and potentially get to host the NFC Championship game, one couple says people need to hear their story before they buy tickets.

Katie Rogers and Jamie Davila tried to attend last Saturday's game. They said they bought their tickets after connecting with a man on OfferUP, a website that connects local buyers and sellers. It turns out, the tickets they bought from the man were fake.

Katie Rogers and Jamie Davila
Katie Rogers and Jamie Davila bought fake Cowboys playoff tickets (CBS 11)

"It's the playoffs and we wanted to be there so bad," Katie Rogers said.

"My friend had called him and negotiated the price, $225 per ticket," Jamie Davila said.

They spent a total of $900 on four bogus tickets.

fake Cowboys playoff tickets
fake Cowboys playoff tickets (CBS 11)

At first, Davila was skeptical. He thought how do we know these are real, but his friend made him feel better.

"He says I don't know man, he sounds genuine," Davila said. "He's going to go pick up his daughter at the mall."

"Whenever I heard he was picking up his daughter from the mall I was like he's a family man, don't worry babe," Rogers said.

"When he walks up there's no kids, just him," Davila said. "I thought I'll get a video of him or something just in case."

Davila said the tickets he was handed had markings of a real ticket and a receipt to go with them.

"He pulls them out and is like if you flash light underneath the ticket it shines greenish, blueish," Davila said.

He pulls out a receipt with the name and credit card. He pulls out a credit card that matched that receipt.

The fine print. It was all on there. It looked like a real ticket."

fake Cowboys playoff tickets
fake Cowboys playoff tickets (CBS 11)

Davila shot a video with him. In it, he said "Go Cowboys!" with the tickets in his hand. The man in the video flashes a peace sign in front of his face.

At the box office, Rogers and Davila were turned away. Davila has now handed the video he shot over to police.

"So sad and so bummed you know," Rogers said. "Even the guy at the box office was like, 'these are really good tickets.' We want to get as much exposure out there as we can. We want to catch this guy or any of the guys trying to scam our Cowboys fans."

Arlington Police are looking to see if there are any more instances of fake tickets being sold at Saturday's game.

They said three people were arrested after selling fake tickets at the Cotton Bowl game.

They recommend before you buy tickets online, look at the company's policy on handling fake tickets.

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