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North Texas Mum Shops In Full Swing: A Look At The History Behind The Tradition

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Aisles of ribbon, cow bells and bears fill craft stores, while mum shops are in full swing now that it's homecoming season.

Angie Hyde runs Spotlight Mums in Fort Worth and says it's a Texas tradition that spans almost a century.

"The first mums started in the 30s and they started on the wrist and they were really small," Hyde said. "Since then they have just exploded!"

Through the years, styles may change, but every tried and true Texan knows the one tacky fall accessory that never goes out of style.

She said it wasn't until the 1980s that mums became silk and offered to boys as garters.

"It started way back then, and it was just a term of endearment from a boy to a girl, and it's just turned into this massive tradition," Hyde said.

Her shop has a map of different states they've sent mums and garters to.

While customers across the Metroplex come to pick out and build their dream accessory, she said the biggest decision of the fall is "just how big do you go?"

"It's Texas, and everything is big in Texas, and everyone knows that!" Hyde said.

Hyde said her shop only may be open 10 to 12 weeks a year, but they sell hundreds each season.

Many, customized to your mind's desire and ranging anywhere from $45 to $1,800.

"What they come up with, we will build," Hyde said. "It is something that's shared. Brings the community together, definitely brings the school together, and is something I feel is a very very blessed tradition in Texas."

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