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Entire School Surprises Cancer Student

QUINLAN (CBS 11 NEWS) - A senior at Boles High School, near Quinlan, is battling a rare form of cancer. But tonight is homecoming. It's also his birthday. So, the entire school surprised him with a day he and his classmates will never forget.

Corbin Fleming could pop wheelies in his wheelchair down the Boles High School halls all day if he wanted to Friday. He was king for a day.

"Today's my birthday and I'm turning 18," he said.

Boles is an East Texas school near Quinlan. It's so small there are only 34 kids in the senior class. Britan Collett has been Class President all four years.

"It's just like family. If one person's hurt, the whole group is hurt," she said.

Corbin is hurting. He was diagnosed six months ago with Rhabdomyosarcoma. It's a rare form of cancer. Corbin's was Stage IV.

Amy Melton, his Food Science teacher said, "It was sad, disbelief. Now, a lot of admiration from his inspiration."

Britan said, "He's fighting cancer and comes every single day that he can. So, it's like he's our hero."

Boles wanted to make Corbin's birthday a day he'd never forget. There were surprises waiting for him from the moment he set foot in the school.

And even though this was Boles big homecoming day, everyone at Boles made it a Happy Homecoming Birthday.

"He had no idea the entire time," Britan said.

Life was too short for anything less. Boles had just lost Cody Perkins. He was a sophomore who lost his battle with cancer in May, a month after Corbin was diagnosed.

So, Corbin is special to Boles. It's why they nominated him to the Homecoming court. Not only did Corbin Fleming become king for a day. He became a king who'll remain in hearts and minds at Boles forever.

Corbin's been undergoing chemotherapy. Radiation treatments start Monday.

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