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Duncanville Police Officer Saves Infant From Locked, Hot Car

DUNCANVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - A Duncanville Police officer saved the life of a not quite 1-year-old child from a locked, hot car earlier this week.

Police said shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 17, Officer Pinilla responded to a call about a child found alone and appearing to be asleep in a vehicle in the 900 Block of Gemini Avenue.

The infant was in a car seat and appeared to be crying, sweating and was covered in vomit, police said.

After requesting paramedics over his portable police radio, Officer Pinilla shattered the vehicle window away from where the infant was seated and got the infant out of the vehicle and into the air-conditioned patrol vehicle until paramedics arrived.


Duncanville Police Reminds Everyone to Never Leave a Child Alone in a Vehicle by City of Duncanville on YouTube

The mother, the infant's grandmother and two of the infant's older siblings arrived back at the vehicle.

Police said, "All indications seem to point to this being a mistake caused by false assumptions and faulty communication about the infant's well-being."

The incident was reported to Child Protective Services as well as to a Dallas County Grand Jury to determine if civil or criminal charges should be filed.

"The Duncanville Police Department is thankful this incident did not result in a more tragic outcome as so many unfortunate incidents of children being left in hot vehicles do," police said in a news release.

Research shows that even on what would be considered a mild day with an outside temperature of 70 degrees, temperatures inside closed vehicles can become dangerously hot.

The temperature outside at the time of the incident was in the 90s.


Check For Baby: Parents and caregivers, get in the habit of always looking inside your vehicle before locking the doors.

Remember: Park. Look. Lock. And always ask yourself, "Where's Baby?"

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