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Duncanville Defensive End Omari Abor To Announce His Power 5 School Of Choice On National TV

DUNCANVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - As Duncanville's Omari Abor sits down for an interview, it's easy to understand he's a big boy.

But his parents are well aware he's about to enter the land of being a grown man.

Omari Abor Power 5 Announcement
Omari Abor with his parents, R. and RoRo. (Credit: Keith Russell/CBSDFW.COM)

His mother RoRo said, "I think we steered him the right way where he knows what's best for him. He's not gonna pick something just to he doing something. He knows it's business."

Omari handled his business by leading Duncanville to the 6A Division I title game. Now, the senior defensive end's next order of business is announcing his Power 5 school of choice live on ESPN Sunday afternoon at the Under Armour All-America Game.

When asked about the University of Miami shirt he's wearing for the interview, Omari said "I just have it on, that's all". Omari will not be going to the University of Miami, but his parents will be headed to Florida to the game to see him make his announcement.

When asked, "Did you ever imagine you would be about to get on an airplane go watch your son announce on national television where he's going to school?" Omari's father, R. Abor, responded, "Never in a million years. If you had told me this, I would tell you you're going too far. Never in a million years I could imagine this."

After all, the Abors will always see their young man, who now refers to himself as the Big Smooth, as the kid they raised - way before a football helmet ever came into play.

His mom said, "He was like my fluffy baby. He was a fluffy baby. Jaw sagging... Just a big boy. As he got older, they were like, 'where your other little son at?' I was like 'this is him?' 'No, the fluffy one… the thick one.' 'This is him.'"

Now he's 6'3", 240 lbs, about to head to a national powerhouse program, and taking his father's advice on the road with him: "Be humble. Be disciplined and be able to be taught and listen and whatever they give you, just soak it up and learn."

With every school in the country interested in recruiting Omari, which will he choose? Omari simply said "We'll see."

What his folks see is an example of hard work that has paid off. He's an example others can follow.

His mom RoRo said, "Younger kids always look up him. He always tells them positive stuff. Keep your grades and be respectful, that's our biggest thing. Always be respectful." His father finished by saying, "Knowing where you're trying to go will take you a long way."

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