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Duncanville ISD Gifts Workers $2K For Their 'Dedication During The Pandemic'

DUNCANVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) - It's a payday with a plus.

On Friday, every Duncanville ISD school staffer will receive a $2,000 bonus-- a 'not-so-little' thank you for extraordinary effort to keep serving students and their families during the pandemic.

"You can say all day, 'we appreciate you'," says Tiara Richard, Chief Communications Officer for Duncanville ISD, "but, to actually receive something from the board, from the district.. it means a lot. So we are hearing from our employees, just saying 'thank you'."

From maintenance workers to math teachers, the bus drivers and beyond: they're all set to receive the perfectly timed and tangible thank you--cash.

"We got the email this week," says second grade teacher Gentry Brooks, "it will be here on Friday! WWhhhaaat!" she shares with an enthusiastic laugh. "Appreciate it."

Brooks can laugh now. But, she also admits that yes, 2020 has been tough.

"Planning to the minute. Alarms set on your phone. Five minutes to get on your live sessions. Five minutes to pick up your kids from specials... making sure you're on top of everything. But, it really makes you buckle down to make sure you're doing what you need to do as a teacher."

And Duncanville administrators say that kind of effort has been happening district wide.

"We're talking from our custodians who have been on the front lines-- our food service employees: feeding our families whether they are at home or in school-- the teachers. The teachers have stepped up!" says Richard. "They are doing things they've never had to do-- learning to teach in different ways-- across the board, everyone is stepping up, so our board of trustees wants to make sure that they took care of everyone."

Citing the current economic uncertainty, Richard says the board could not approve raises this year. But, decided to tap into district reserve funds to provide the one-time stipend.

"It means a lot," says Brooks, "it just says 'thanks for the hard work...we see that you are trying. "



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