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Drivers, Survivors Taking Action To Stop Road Rage

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) - Weeks after increased police patrols and a new hotline, road rage shootings are still breaking out in North Texas.

Arlington police said officers just arrested another person for shooting their gun all because the victim honked to prevent a wreck.

"Honestly I thought it was over because I've seen so many cop cars on I-20," said Kristina Huggins, who survived a road rage attack in late June.

Huggins was in the car with her boyfriend Dylan Spaid, 19, when police said he was shot and killed after a man in a black BMW became upset with his driving.

"I don't want that to happen to anyone else," said Huggins.

Weeks later, there has not been an arrest in the case and the road rage continues.

On Saturday, police said Jose Mendoza fired five shots into the air after a driver honked to avoid a crash.

"It's very devastating that people are still doing that," said Huggins.

Police said the incident was the fifth road rage shooting in Dallas/Fort Worth since late June.

"We're not going to tolerate this behavior," said Lt. Chris Cook with Arlington Police.

Cook said what has changed is that drivers are now paying attention.

"It woke a lot of people up. They didn't realize it was this bad," said Cook. "So people are watching and being our eyes and ears."

Cook said while the extra patrols and police presence is helping, he said folks are using the road rage hotline and reporting the attacks when they see it unraveling on the roads. He believes it helped officers arrest Mendoza on Saturday. He said residents called in and helped lead officer to Mendoza's location.

"Destroying someone's life like that for no reason because you got a little bit upset, is it worth it?" questioned Huggins.

While she prays for the day there is an arrest in her late boyfriend's case, Huggins hopes short-fused drivers are listening.

"Don't be on the road. There's no place for you," said Huggins. "There's just no place."

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