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Driver Dials 911 After Highway Shooting

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) - A newly released 911 call illustrates the fear a driver felt moments after a bullet shattered her front windshield.

Police are trying to figure out who shot at Crystal Battee on Friday evening, just before 10 p.m., as she drove on 114 near Rochelle Boulevard. They are also trying to determine if this shooting is related to other recent North Texas highway shootings.

"It was a gunshot, and it went through my hand, and I seen it was like a whole, whatever, so at the same time as me driving… I was trying to call 911… at the same time," said Crystal Battee.

911 operator: 911, what's your emergency?
Battee: I just got shot in my hand.
911 operator: Ok. Where are you? Where are you?
Battee: On 114
911 operator: 114 and what? Are you on the highway?
Battee: Yes. I'm still driving.
911 operator: Are you bleeding a lot?
Battee: Really, really bad. I need medical assistance. I'm bleeding really, really bad.
911 operator: Listen are you still rolling?
Battee: Yes, I'm still driving. I'm in pain.
911 operator: OK, are you going to exit at O'Connor?
Battee: I exited on O'Connor.

The 911 operator told Battee pull over and park at a gas station on O'Connor to wait for paramedics. A large fragment of the bullet also ended up in her passenger side seat. Battee says she didn't see the person who shot her.

Irving police say the gunshot that hit Crystal Battee came in at a slightly downward angle. But they don't know if the shooter was standing somewhere stationary or in another car.

Irving police are working with Dallas police and trying to figure out if this shooting is related to as many as eight other recent incidents on north Texas highways. Bullet fragments from Friday's shooting have been sent to a lab to determine the caliber and the type of gun.

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