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DISD Considers A New Homeless Shelter For Students In Need

DALLAS (CBS11) - You're not supposed to know the difference among students, who live at home, and who have no home.

But an established clothes closet and food pantry are both well stocked inside North Dallas High School's drop in center.  A service specifically for homeless students.

"We have about 145 students identified as needing wrap around support under the umbrella of homelessness," says Katie Wanserski a spokesperson from North Dallas High School.

Virtually every campus in Dallas ISD enrolls children living in shelters, hotels or on the streets. Some with families, others with no one.

Jaime Sandoval oversees the district's advocacy and outreach for homeless students. "This year we are at 2100, and that number is growing daily."

DISD has submitted a plan to find homeless youth on the streets, and partner in the operation of a round the clock shelter for teenaged students. The Plan is to use an empty DISD building.

"There are many students in the city who are not in school, so our intent is to look for this group of students, bring them in and let them know that it's okay, they have a safe place," says Sandoval.

The school board votes on the shelter proposal tomorrow. If approved, it will open in May.

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