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DFW Outdoorsman: Duck Hunting Outfitters

TJ King
(credit: VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images)

We are located in the city of Bonham in Fannin County, about one hour north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in northeastern Texas. Blackland Outfitters is the premiere guide service for Texas Waterfowl hunting. We have a multitude of properties covering multiple counties in north, northeast and south Texas, and southern Oklahoma including sloughs, Occasional Flooded timber, wheat and corn fields, flooded bottom land creeks, and large and small cattle pools, and lakes. Our ultimate goal is for our hunters to come enjoy not only a great hunt but also make and share memories and comradery with fellow like-minded hunters. You can expect to shoot Green Wing Teal, Gadwall, Wigeon, Mallards, Wood Ducks, Ring Necks, Red Heads, Hooded Mergansers, Canvasbacks, Lesser and Greater Scaup, Northern Shoveler's, Northern Pintails and a few Buffleheads, and occasionally Common Goldeneyes. There is also a good ammout of Lesser and Greater Canadian Geese as well as some snow, Ross and Blue geese. There are also some of our properties that hold large numbers of Specks occasionally as well. Come join us for the most memorable hunting experience ever in the Duck Blind. Be sure to check out the additional hunting services offered here at Blackland Outfitters guide service. We hope to see you soon and until then good hunting!

3 Curl Outfitters
(214) 455-0940

Three Curl Outfitters offer the best hunting opportunities in DFW area. We offer guided hog, waterfowl, dove, and turkey hunts all within an hour of DFW


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