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DeSoto High Football Twins And Head Coach Father Bonded By The Sport And Much More

by Keith Russell | CBS 11

DeSOTO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - You know a high school football team is close when the players refer to each other as brothers.

In DeSoto High School's case, it's the truth.

Juniors Caimon and Crimson Mathis came into the world two minutes apart.

Crimson, the junior receiver says "We've got a different connection. We're bonded together more than the other siblings".

Caimon, the junior defensive agrees by saying, "That's true. You can tell we're bonded together more than the other siblings".

Even more unique, they play for their dad, Claude Mathis, DeSoto's Head Coach.

The Mathis twins and their dad, Claude Mathis
The Mathis twins, Crimson (left) and Camion (right) and their dad, Claude Mathis (credit: Keith Russell - CBS 11)

He says "they're always touching each other and it's one of those where it's like guys quit please".

Never was the brotherly love greater than the second game of the season when Crimson broke his leg requiring surgery.

He admits it's "my junior year. I knew it was going to mess up my recruitment. I just gotta deal with it".

His twin brother, Caimon, says "if I go hard and I could ever get a scholarship….Bring my brother as a package deal. I'm playing for the both of us right now".

About the only thing that separates the Mathis twins…..One won't step on the field again this season.

But their closeness -- That's everlasting.

Caimon admits "this is a unique thing to have him by my side. It's special".

Coach explains "you always hear different things about twins and it's just awesome".

Twins or not they still have their pet peeves.

Caimon says Crimson "Screams non stop everyday and I can't take it".

Crimson says Caimon "right now is hitting me on crutches and I can't do nothing about it".

Knowing they can always lean on each other as a crutch means more than any game.

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