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Deion Sanders Divorce Drama Gets Nastier With Steroid Allegations

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Shocking allegations against Former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders by his estranged wife.

Attorneys for Pilar Sanders showed the jury a photo of what she claims is anabolic steroids.

Sanders says the photo was taken in the bathroom of the Prosper home the couple once shared.

The retired Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer walked out of court in anger.

"I got up and walked out of the courtroom, and I think my response was 'Oh my God.' I wasn't upset by any means, but just dumbfounded, just shocked, that I think I could I take off my shirt and you could Google her pictures and make a designation of who's doing what," says Sanders. "It's a smokescreen. Let's take the focus off the parenting and put it on something as idiotic as this."

Steroid allegations were among several bombshell developments that emerged during testimony in the trial over who will get custody of their three children.

Pilar Sanders' attorney also offered a photo of guns that she claims Deion stored on a shelf that was  accessible to their children.

Her attorney says the custody battle is about who can prove their case.

"Deion has made a lot of claims but he has no evidence," says Larry Friedman, Pilar Sanders' attorney.

Deion's attorney attacked the Former Cowboys' wife, suggesting she's not a good mother .

The model and actress was criticized by her husband's legal team for allowing her young daughter to appear with her in an R-rated movie called "Streets of Blood."

An excerpt from the movie was played for the jury including scenes of profanity and violence.

But the most sensational allegation centered around Pilar's involvement with a website called that allows people to pay 17 dollars an hour to talk to various celebrities.

Deion and his attorney suggested its a phone sex line because Pilar accepted calls late at night.

"You call me between 12am and 1am, that's the mother of my kids. I'm gone." said Sanders before walking away from reporters after testimony ended for the day.

But Pilar's attorney defended her efforts to support herself.

"Its shameful to try to put a woman down who's trying to further her career get on her feet and support her family. It's sad actually. He should be supportive," says Friedman.

Testimony will resume on Monday.

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