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Degrees Help Dallas Nurse Coordinator Streamline Patient Care

Nursing requires a certain kind of person. A nurse needs to be caring and passionate. But most importantly, a nurse needs to be educated and prepared. Donna Hopson is the nurse coordinator for the Quinlan Independent School District and supports higher education as a way to learn valuable skills and prepare for future opportunities. 

Donna Hopson, nurse coordinator. Quinlan Independent School District (photo courtesy of Donna Hopson)
Donna Hopson, nurse coordinator. Quinlan Independent School District (photo courtesy of Donna Hopson)

Where do you work and what is your title?

"I work at the Quinlan ISD. My position is nurse coordinator and A.E. Butler Campus nurse. I have been employed here for 22 years. Because I am also a campus nurse, I am responsible for the needs of the students and staff at my individual campus. However, as a supervisor and coordinator, I have many roles. I supervise directly and indirectly other trained nursing staff and personnel in clinic procedures. I compile, maintain and file all computerized reports, update health records of all students and requisition supplies and equipment needed to maintain clinic inventory."

What is your degree in and what university did you attend? 

"I have a B.S. degree with a major in nursing and a minor in sciences from Texas Woman's University. I chose this university because it is ranked very high nationally for nursing programs. My clinical rotations were spent at Parkland, Children's Medical Center, St. Paul Hospital and VA Hospital."

How has your education prepared you for this position and contributed to your overall success?

"The education I received was vital for preparing me to be a nurse. It gave me the knowledge and skills to take care of patients. The early courses gave me the foundation for understanding the sciences of human anatomy and physiology, as well as the disease-causing organisms and much more. The later courses prepared me for the clinical experiences and skills needed to take care of patients. I learned to set priorities, perform skills, assess patients' needs and communicate with patients, families and physicians in order to help patients achieve their optimum healthy outcome. As a nurse, I also learned how to deal with death and dying when that was the ultimate outcome. School nursing is truly a mission of passion. The most important qualities for a school nurse are some of the most basic such as caring, kindness and just being a good listener."

Do you have any advice for someone interested in pursuing this career?

"My advice for someone interested in nursing is to stay focused and dedicated. Don't let life's events keep you from achieving your goals and following your dreams. Be willing to give more of yourself than you expect your job to give to you."

Judy Serrano writes romantic thrillers at She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a BA in English. She is also a freelance writer for She lives in Texas with her husband, four boys and five dogs.

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