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Deborah Norville Talks Flex Glue, Safety For Female Patients, And Tips For Consumers

This week on "Inside Edition," Flex Glue is put to the test, a woman speaks out after getting assaulted by her dental technician while under anesthesia, and professionals in the travel, food and healthcare industries share secrets consumers don't (but should!) know. Host Deborah Norville spoke to CBS Local about what to expect on "Inside Edition" this week.


A lot is going on on "Inside Edition" this week. Tonight you put Flex Glue to the test. A lot of people have seen the Flex Glue ads on TV -- does it hold up like in the commercials?

Well that was what we wanted to find out. We, too, had seen those commercials and they're kind of amazing, especially when the guy takes the Flex Glue and builds a dune buggy and drives around in it. We thought, that's crazy. So we literally re-enacted the commercial. We put cement blocks together with the Flex Glue, and, in fact, built a vehicle. We built a dune buggy, we glued it together with the Flex Glue, we got behind the wheel of the thing, we drove into the sunset, and we didn't die.


Tomorrow night you're investigating a very serious topic. You're taking a look at sexual assault that occurs within dentists' offices. Can you tell us about the story of the young woman you speak to on tomorrow night's episode?

A lot of people are already afraid of going to the dentist, and this story is probably not going to make you feel more at ease about that prospect. What we found was a dentist who thought he was doing all the right things. Concerned because he would have patients under anesthesia and he wanted to make sure that they could feel secure that when they're out under the effect of anesthesia, everything's fine, he had cameras installed in the treatment room. But unfortunately, the footage of the cameras wasn't reviewed on a regular basis. When the footage was looked at, it was discovered that a dental technician had been sexually assaulting female patients when they were under anesthesia. One woman we spoke to had a fuzzy, foggy recollection of the technician's hand on her breast. She couldn't really put it together, thinking, was it a dream, what was I thinking? When the footage was reviewed and then shared with the cops, the police ended up going to a number of women and saying, this happened to you. They had no idea because they were completely under. Long story short, the technician plead guilty. He was sentenced to jail time and is behind bars. An important takeaway on this story is that patients, especially female patients, need to request that there be a female companion with them, that there needs to be an individual of their gender in the treatment room with them, just so that they're never left alone and unsupervised under anesthesia.


On the show later this week, you're taking a look at Secrets From Those Who Know. You get travel secrets from a flight attendant, restaurant tips from a restaurateur and hospital advice from a veteran nurse. What are some surprising things we walk away with?

It's good advice for all of us in our everyday lives. Ask the people who work in various professions what folks don't know but they ought to. And that's kind of what we did. We talked to some flight attendants who said some of the basic stuff like never eat off the tray because lord knows when that was last cleaned. One thing that you might not be aware of: if your flight is delayed more than two hours, you are entitled to a voucher. It's a small amount of money -- 5, 10, 15 bucks -- but it's a voucher that you can spend on a beverage or a snack in the airport terminal. The airlines will never tell you that this is available, but you can go and ask for it. It does exist, and they have to give it to you. So that's something that they don't advertise, but we want to make sure that you know. When it comes to restaurants, we all want to make sure that we're eating at a place that's clean and sanitary. One good way of finding that out is to first sit at the bar. If the bar is a disgusting mess, you can probably count on the fact that the kitchen isn't in much better shape. Another tip that we learned from the restaurateurs is that if you want to be sure to get a table, parties of 5 are golden. You can almost always get a group of 5 a table. If you're a group of 2 or 4, those are the most popular groups, it's often very hard to get a table reservation for 2 or 4. But 5 is the magic number.


"Inside Edition" airs tonight at 7 pm. Check your local listings for more information.

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