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Dallas Tornado Victims Still Fighting With Insurance Companies 3 Months Later

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Three months after a tornado obliterated North Dallas homes and businesses, recovery efforts have stalled.

Some homeowners say they're on the brink of war with their insurance companies who they say are trying to short-change them on repair costs.

There is a noticeable lack of progress regarding recovery and rebuilding off Royal Lane and other tornado-damaged areas.

It's because homeowners don't agree with their insurance companies about the amount of damage sustained.

North Dallas tornado damage 3 months later
North Dallas tornado damage three months later (J.D. Miles - CBS 11)

Woody Mayhew believes his home is a total loss, but says his insurer, Nationwide, doesn't agree and the two sides are at a stalemate.

The 75-year-old says no builder would put a new house on his 64-year-old foundation.

Liane LaBarba says State Farm is only offering $1,800 for an air conditioning unit that she says would cost $15,000 to replace.

She and others have checks from insurance companies they are refusing to cash.

I think it's a game of see how much we can get people to say 'yes' and go on and they're tired of dealing with it and then move on," said LaBarba. "They've said 'no' and eventually people give in, need to have things replaced and fixed."

State Farm provided a response to CBS 11 on the matter.

Spokesperson Chris Pilcic said while he couldn't provide specific details on a specific claim, he said, "In general when a claim is presented to State Farm we thoroughly investigate the loss. Losses range in complexity, level of coordination and amount of time required to evaluate each claim. A final decision on a claim is determined by the facts of the loss and the results of the investigation, and we handle each claim on its own individual merits."

Nationwide has not responded to a request for comment.

It's possible some of these cases are headed to court.

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