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Dallas Police Association President Said DPD Was Unprepared For Rioting

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The head of the largest group of Dallas Police officers says the department was unprepared for the rioting that took place on Friday and Saturday nights during the protests over George Floyd's death in Minneapolis Police custody one week ago.

Protesters in the street in Dallas
Protesters in the street in Dallas (Chopper 11)

The Dallas Police Association president says his officers are ready for whatever happens Monday night when another protest is planned despite a 7:00 p.m. curfew.

On Sunday night, Dallas Police officers made more than 130 arrests for curfew violations.

The curfew applied to everyone in downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.

But authorities focused the enforcement on the activists who were threatened with tear gas if they refused to comply.

The hardline approach came in response to Friday and Saturday nights when rioting, looting and vandalism took place.

Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata says the department was not as prepared as it should have been.

I think Friday probably took the police department a little off guard," said Mata. "We all anticipated somewhat of a large crowd. But we did, we did expect it to be a peaceful crowd, and because it was planned, they did exchange information for the department. The route was pre planned what they were going to talk about who was going to talk so it was very coordinated with the department. The problem is is as it went into the later hours. The ones that weren't there to protest, they were there to cause mayhem splintered off."

State troopers and officers from several suburban cities will assist DPD again and the National Guard is available if needed.

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