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Dallas Parking Scam Being Broadcast On YouTube

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A local IT manager is turning what would drive most people crazy, into YouTube gold.

In a few of the cases, he is bringing attention to a parking scam in Dallas that appears to be growing.

Despite all of the signs in the back alley parking lot of VIRTBIZ Data Center in Deep Ellum, manager Chris Gebhardt says people still do not listen.

"We're not trying to be mean with this stuff. We're not in it for the cruelty or to get out kicks from it," said Gebhardt. "Really we're just trying to protect our business."

Gebhardt says the data center is a 24/7 operation that demands constant access for IT staff.

"A lot of people ask if we get a kick back from the tow company. I almost wish we did," said Gebhardt.

While his cameras have captured some odd behavior, nothing is more strange than seeing people getting robbed and them not even knowing what's happening.

"It's like a random dude in a plaid shirt and grubby jeans. I don't know how people think that's legit," said Gebhardt.

Drivers pull up, a plain-clothed man directs them to a spot and then charges them for spots that are not even his to sell.

parking scam in Deep Ellum
parking scam in Deep Ellum (YouTube)

Minutes later, the car is towed.

He started posting the videos to YouTube for laughs, but also to provide relief to those who might otherwise fall for the phony parking attendants.

"I feel bad for the people who fall for this scam," said Gebhardt. "But on the other hand, have some situational awareness. Kind of look around. It's not like we don't have a dozen signs all over the back of our building."

Dallas Police said officers are investigating but have not made any arrests.

Investigators said there is no reason to believe the fake parking attendants are somehow affiliated with any towing companies.

Police say drivers need to look for signage when parking and say most legitimate crews have name tags, uniforms and some sort of booth.

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