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Social Media Photo Turns Attention To Fire Station Without AC

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The City of Dallas is trying to make repairs after a social media photo showed the temperature inside one fire station at a sweltering 99 degrees.

The city is working to fix the air conditioning at Station 15 with four cooling stations having already been added. As of Saturday, the temperature throughout the station has decreased to the mid-70's after the addition of the fourth cooling station.

It started with a picture shared on Twitter that read "99.3 degrees" inside the fire station and "5 days with no AC" according to the tweet from the Dallas Firefighters Association.

City crews replaced what they believe was a broken part of the AC unit and also discovered a different component was broken. A spokesperson for Dallas Fire-Rescue says the AC wasn't working properly in three-fourths of the station. The bedrooms were the only place in station not affected by the broken AC unit.

A city spokesperson says the part for the unit has been ordered and is expected to arrive no later than Wednesday.

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