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Dallas Couple That Just Retired Gets Flooded Out Of Home

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Cell phone video shows a gushing river pouring out of the Romero's front door.

Cheryl Romero and her husband, Dr. Jorge Romero, did what they could to ease the pressure. "We opened the front door to let the water escape," she said.

The water filled every room of their home, destroying it just as the couple was almost finished with a  major renovation.

"We just hung the chandelier last weekend," said Cheryl. Sunday's sudden storm hit as she and her husband were driving home.

The couple parked their vehicle and went inside to check for damage. When Cheryl returned to the garage minutes later, she found a wall of water.

"I opened the door, and it took me, my phone, my shoes. I'm screaming for my husband," she recalls.

In that short span of time, the garage had flooded and was now emptying into the house. "Twenty inches of water in the garage," said Jorge, checking the water line with measuring tape.

Home flooded in Dallas' Lake Highlands neighborhood
Home flooded in Dallas' Lake Highlands neighborhood (CBS 11)

The hardwood floors the Romeros installed just three weeks ago now stick out from piles of garbage.

"I'm heartbroken," said Cheryl.

Their home is the only one on the block that flooded.

The reason, they say, is a drain directly behind their garage, where the believe the water rushed out. "We believe this is a blocked drain," said Cheryl.

With nothing they can do to fix it, they fear they are at risk of this happening again.

Jorge said, "It was really our retirement home. It was going to be where we stayed in Dallas for… forever and I'm not sure that's in the books right now."

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