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Attorney: Dallas Councilman Kevin Felder Never Struck Teen On Scooter

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - The attorney representing a Dallas Councilman being investigated by Dallas Police for a felony hit-and-run crash insisted Thursday his client did nothing wrong.

On Wednesday morning, an 18-year-old man told police Council Member Kevin Felder was driving his car along the 2500 block of Malcolm X Blvd. when he hit him, knocking him down on the ground causing non-serious injuries.

Felder's attorney Pete Schulte said it wasn't true.

"There was no collision. Councilman Felder did not strike anybody driving a scooter or riding a scooter."

Kevin Felder
Kevin Felder - Dallas City Council Member (credit: CBS 11 news)

On Thursday, Dallas police didn't comment on the case.

But Wednesday evening, police towed Felder's Ford Fusion to look for evidence.

Authorities are investigating whether Felder committed a third-degree felony by leaving the scene of an accident after someone was injured.

Felder's attorney said his client had seen the man on the scooter swerving in the road and told him to stop. "So at that point, the Councilman was going to just pull over. He pulls over to the left of the roadway and next thing you see is the 18-year-old gets off the scooter, throws the scooter toward Councilman Felder's car and goes on the driver's side, they get into an argument."

Schulte said he and his client want to tell police what happened and that Felder's car was previously damaged last year in a Walgreens parking lot.

Valerie Ballard happened onto the scene afterwards and said she saw the teen yelling at Felder as he sat in his car, before he drove away.

Ballard said she saw the scooter on the ground and that she called police.

CBS 11 told Ballard Felder's version of events, and she said, "I say let's let the evidence prove differently. Let's let the evidence show that. I know what I saw. I know him and if he says he hasn't done anything wrong, the truth will come out."

She said she watched Felder drive away from the scene.

Schulte though said, "If he had hit the gentleman, he would have stopped, he would have stayed for the police to get there. That's not what happened. There was no collision. That's why Council Member Felder was like I don't have to stay."

Felder is running for re-election in May and faces six opponents, more than any other council member.

During his re-election kickoff campaign event Thursday afternoon, he told supporters that he wouldn't be making any comments or answering any questions about the case.

He referred media questions to Schulte.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said Thursday afternoon, "It's always tough when you have a good peer around the council when they face issues like this."

Felder he said will be treated fairly. "I also believe that Chief Hall will not treat Councilman Felder any differently than she would treat any citizen in the city."

The President of the Dallas Police Association says citizens expect that.

"They expect him as a public servant to be held to the same standard, the same legal standard that every citizen is."

While police didn't comment on the case Thursday, Schulte said police told him no decision has been made yet whether Felder will be charged.

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