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Dallas Center Offers 'Thigh Gap' Therapy

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Do your thighs rub together?

There is a demand to have slimmer, toned thighs even on the curviest of figures. Stars like Beyonce and retailers like Target have been suspected of glorifying the now infamous thigh gap. Women everywhere covet it, but it has raised some concerns about negative body image.

Now, a DFW wellness center offers a service for those who want to see results without surgery. Tara visited the Dallas wellness center Thrive for the first time, in hopes of whittling away her upper legs. "The gap," she said with a laugh. "Every girl wants the gap."

Thrive is Tara's last resort. "I work out up to five times a week. I eat healthy," she explained. "It's just a really hard area to target. So, I don't want any major surgery, liposuction, or something crazy like that."

Thrive offers a cold laser therapy called Zerona, which claims to contour the shape of the body, shrinking and flushing away fat cells even in the most inconspicuous of places. It is pain-free and requires no surgery. "When I first came in, they told me to spread'em, and then I was nervous," Tara admitted. "It's a nice alternative. I can't feel a single thing."

"Everybody has one part of your body that it's really hard to get fat off of," added Thrive owner Clint Herzog. "And that's where Zerona comes in. The laser goes in and it basically emulsifies that outside layer of the fat, and allows it to exit out of your lymphatic system."

One client wanted thinner ankles. And, after a series of treatments, she lost more than one inch off of each ankle. "People get dramatic results," Herzog said.

Thrive has also trademarked the Dallas Diet, which combines Zerona therapy with a meal plan. The center claims that you can lose 5-10 percent of your body fat or 30 pounds in 30 days. "When I think of Dallas Diet, really it's just a booster to help you get started," Herzog said. "It's really a lifelong way of living."

The consultants at Thrive told Tara that she should see results in six treatments. "It's bikini season and summertime is coming up, so confidence is always key," Tara said. "I'd definitely always want to be at my prime."

What do you think? Have you had Zerona therapy? Would you try it, or is it too extreme? Send a tweet to Adrienne Bankert (@AdrienneCBS11) and share your thoughts with her.

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