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Criminals Looking For Guns In Recent Wave Of Fort Worth Car Burglaries

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FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - Car burglaries are on the rise in Fort Worth, but it's what the thieves are taking that's alarming. In addition to your typical electronics and wallets, police said they're stealing guns.

"Most of the time these guns end up in the hands of criminals that use them to commit more serious aggravated felony offenses that sometimes lead to death or serious bodily injury," said Officer Barry Sawyer.

Since January, police said there have been at least 40 car burglaries in which thieves got away with guns, and nearly ninety percent of those cars were unlocked.

While break-ins like this represent a small percentage of overall car burglaries, Sawyer said it is avoidable and could have consequences for the gun owner.

"We're currently reaching out to our local government officials to help with a possible ordinance to make it a class C misdemeanor when a gun is left in a vehicle that is stolen during a burglary" said Sawyer. "It's similar to the current ordinance that we have in place where when you leave your keys in a vehicle, and it's stolen, it can be a ticketable offense."


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