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Crews Working Around The Clock To Pretreat North Texas Roads Against Wintry Weather

(CBSDFW.COM) - Crews with the Texas Department of Transportation and the North Texas Tollway Authority are working around the clock to keep highways and toll roads from icing up during this weekend's pending wintry weather.

Patrick Clarke, a spokesman with TxDOT's Dallas District, said, "It's all hands on deck right now across the district heading into the weekend."

Michael Rey, spokesman for the NTTA, said, "We're trying to constantly be ahead of the situation at a point where we're not trying to play catch up. We're actually being very proactive."

There are hundreds of workers and pieces of equipment, including trucks to spray brine solution and spread sand and salt.

There are also dozens of snow plows too.

Clarke said, "We also have access to more as the need arises. So it's organizing our equipment, getting those blades, those plows ready and in place, and ready to move in as the need arises."

Rey said the NTTA has sensors in its roadways that shows their safety operations center the surface temperature and any precipitation. "It could be ice, and it will reveal that and that allows us to get our smaller trucks that are very maneuverable, or what we call hotshot trucks into an area that's troubling us and get sand on that quickly."

In addition to the technology, equipment and crews, both agencies said drivers need to be aware. "There's no guarantee there won't be ice. What we're trying to do is not have that ice stick to the roads. But here's the thing, here's my favorite tip of all time, drive to the conditions and not the speed limit."

In short, they said drivers need to slow down.

Watch the full interview with Michael Rey of NTTA below:

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