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5 Weeks After Crane Collapse Destroyed Dallas Apartments, Former Tenants Still Waiting For Their Things: 'I Want My Stuff Back'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Recovery efforts were supposed to begin Monday at Dallas' Elan City Lights Apartments where more than 300 former tenants have been without their belongings and vehicles for more than a month.

That's where a construction crane collapsed five weeks ago, killing one tenant.

Dallas Crane Collapse
Dallas crane collapse (Credit: Chopper 11)

Greystar, the company that owns the now-uninhabitable apartments, has promised recovery crews would started working 10 to 12-hour days removing everything from apartment units in the non-impact zone.

It's not happening fast enough for former tenants.

Jennifer Gonzalez says she had to rent furniture for the new apartment she moved into Monday.

Gonzalez says she's shelled out $4,000 out of her own pocket since being displaced from the Elan City Lights Apartments on June 9.

That's when a construction crane working on the property owners other apartment building fell during a storm killing a tenant and making the occupied building unlivable.

Gonzalez and other former tenants like Kal Fahmy say they were told days after the accident that their possessions would be returned by July 15.

"It feels like my life has been kind of stripped away everything you work for it's kind of been taken away," said Gonzalez. "I'm grateful to be alive... but it just sucks for everything you work for to be there. Your car, your belongings, your heirlooms from family members. Everything is in there."

"I want my stuff back," said Fahmy. "Either I want my stuff back or I want them to go tell the insurance this is a loss."

Both of the former tenants question why Greystar is continuing construction on its new building instead of having its workers devoting their time getting these people their stuff and their cars back.

There has been no response from Greystar to that question and others.

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