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Cowboys Owner Jones Ok With Taking 'Some Risk' On Backup QB Situation

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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can't say it directly, but he's OK with taking "some risk" on shoring up the team's backup QB situation.

"Our backup quarterback situation is the best 'now' move we could make" Jones told 105.3 The Fan's Shan & RJ.

It's been no secret that with the Cleveland Browns not being happy with Johnny Manziel, and other big QB names floating around, that the team should move to draft or acquire a backup QB for an aging Tony Romo. When indirectly asked about those possibilities Jones said, "To bet on [Kellen] Moore for our backup quarterback has elements of risk to it. But I'm not so sure that is any riskier than anything you would do with a decision in the future."

"On the other hand, what would enhance me taking risk would be a bigger upside. If that upside is there, the old risk vs reward situation - then yeah" said Jones.

But Jones added that his "going-for-it fire is still there."

"Unless you're ready just to put your pen down, and that means negotiations are over, unless you're ready to do that, boy you have to get out there in an element of unknown. You have to," said Jones. "If it all added up to make a decision and it came in a nice, neat package then life would be easy. But there's always that element of unknown. It's there alive and well, and yes, I'll exercise it during this offseason. I will. We'll reach out into the dark there, a little no man's land, we'll do that."

In turning to the upcoming NFL Draft, when asked if he would be comfortable drafting a QB with the 4th pick, Jones said "yes."

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