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Charles Haley: Cowboys Don't Know How To Win



Just got off the phone with former Cowboys player Charles Haley in the wake of Monday's disaster at Cowboys Stadium, displaying a team that is now 0-3 at home for the year; that's right, 0-3.

"They have no dirty work players.  They have a bunch of really nice guys and are talented but they have no hunting dogs," Haley said. " They just do not know how to win.  Look, they have one of the highest payrolls in the league and cannot produce.  They have to build with young guys. Dez Bryant needs to play and play a lot."

During the play where Quarterback Tony Romo broke his collarbone, Michael Boley was able to beat Doug Free and Montrae Holland on an inside blitz and Chris Gronkowski looked confused as to whether to stay in and take Boley. He chose to slip out into a passing route.

"The guard didn't see me and he blocked down on the tackle. Both backs went to the other side, so I came free," Boley said. "When he hit the ground I heard he let out a little scream, so I knew something was up. But I didn't think he was going to lay down. I thought it was just a normal hit. After I got up and started running, I looked back after the play was over and he was still down."

"Anytime somebody gets hurt in this league, you hate to see people get hurt. There have been a lot of injuries over the past month and that you hate to see. I wish him the best," he added.

The bottom line?  This deal is done.  The players looked worse after Romo got hurt, instead of stepping up. And Romo was not on the field when the Giants were starting from an average of the 19 yard line and still toying with the Cowboys.  The score was not as close as you might think.

More with Wade Phillips today at 3 p.m. as the players have the day off.

Wally Lynn covers the Dallas Cowboys for 105.3 The Fan and CBSDFW.COM.

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