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Court Documents Reveal Home Life Before N. Texas Teen Accused Of Murdering Parents

CROWLEY, Texas (CBS11) - Newly-released court documents show 18-year-old Carl Brewer of Crowley faced tough discipline at home in the years before he was accused of murdering his adoptive parents.

Brewer, Carl
Carl Brewer

Brewer remains in the Tarrant County Jail on $500,000 bail for the shooting deaths of his parents, Troy and Mary Brewer in their home in November 2016.

The documents, recently revealed, but dated from February 2017, show investigators interviewed four of Brewer's teachers from Deer Creek Elementary School.

The investigator wrote that one teacher told him that she "used to walk by house and saw "D" (the defendant) standing in front yard holding two buckets - the D's arm just shaking - Dad said don't drop buckets."

Two of the teachers said Brewer told them he "would have to sleep on concrete floor in the garage when got into trouble."

According to the investigator, another teacher said Brewer told her "parents would... withhold food as punishment."

The document said, another teacher "told story about giving "D" a hug and just melted like starved for attention."

A teacher described Brewer as "very intelligent" and "sweet."

Brewer's attorney, Jack Strickland, says a lot of people have come forward with information supporting Brewer.

Strickland also says his two older brothers, who were also adopted by the couple, confirmed there was a "dysfunctional relationship" between Troy Brewer and his three adopted sons.

The boys are originally from Russia.

Strickland says Troy Brewer was a pilot for American Airlines after serving in the Marines and Navy, and that Mary Brewer was a nurse.

While Brewer's trial is scheduled to start January 26, a spokeswoman at the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office says it may be postponed because they're waiting for evidence to come in.

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