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Coronavirus: Highland Park United Methodist Church Hires Out Of Work Caterers

DALLAS (CBSDFW) – A Dallas area church is stepping up to help feed hungry people in this time of need while employing laid off workers to get it done.

Paul Rasmussen, the Senior Minister at Highland Park United Methodist Church said their plan is simple.

Instead of bringing in volunteers to fill and deliver lunches for the needy, hire out of work caterers to do it.

"What we wanted to do is find the most vulnerable pockets where people weren't eating and try to deliver into that, and then we thought to expand it and keep people employed in addition to feeding people so we created a works project initiative."

Rasmussen says they are able to do this because of generous donations form the church.

Joan Thompson is the owner of Preston Hollow catering.

Her company normally services the church's needs but now they are entirely dependent on the church to pay their staff directly.

Thompson said, "I of course saw that as an opportunity for my people to work as well as partnering with some other staffing companies that are out of work people, and we went to work immediately."

She added, "We are eternally grateful as well as our people and we will pay it forward."

They've been making 1,200 lunches to serve shelters every day and they are hoping to scale up as long as the need and the money to do it continues to be available.

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