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Consumer Justice Results Round-Up: $1300 In Refunds In 2 Weeks

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Fort Worth (CBSDFW.COM) - Robert Devine called CBS11 after Oncor sent a contractor to trim the trees from the power lines near his Fort Worth home.

"I saw that the fence was torn open," said Devine.

He believes a big branch fell on it.

"I noticed they were passing their heavy equipment back and forth through the fence," said Devine.

Robert called Oncor and they passed him to the contractor Asplundh.

"[Asplundh] They didn't do anything, since that the fence was old," said Devine.

Devine had pictures of the fence before and after the contractor came so CBS11 called to get a resolution.

The company agreed to resolve the situation and pay $636 for the fence's repairs.

"I did get Consumer Justice thanks to you and Channel 11 -- our good neighbor and community friend," said Devine.

Carol Hunter called CBS11 after Sears came to her home eight times to fix her fridge.

"They said I had no warranty and I said I didn't know they had a warranty for stupidity," said Hunter.

The technicians ordered six ice-makers and two motherboards until it finally started working.

But what about all that food that went bad?

"We don't want to take advantage of anything, we just want them to help us with the food that was spoiled because of incompetence," said Hunter.

Her husband has cancer and a compromised immune system so she's very careful about what he eats.

After a call from CBS11, Sears gave the Hunters $350 and one year of free maintenance.

"You guys did a great job. I'm so happy," said Hunter.

And Gloria Waffer of Desoto got Consumer Justice and a brand new lawn after calling CBS11.

Waffer hired Trugreen to take care of her lawn and half of it turned brown.

The company hired a contractor to to lay down brand new sod over the dead patches.

"I'm so excited," said Waffer.

Do you need consumer justice? Call Cristin! You can reach her at 817.586.7211 or email us at

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