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Keller ISD Students Battle Dangerous Crosswalk

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) - The Keller Independent School District is warning parents of some construction headaches.

Right now, construction is in full swing for a widening project at the intersection of Keller Hicks Road and Alta Vista Road. Walking or riding a bike to school and home has become a major trek for a number of students who go to Trinity Springs Middle School and Trinity Meadows Intermediate School in Fort Worth.

"I just stay close to the fence and try to not get near the cars," said 10- year-old Karley Simmons. "It is scary sometimes."

The students have to make it across a busy intersection, and then they have to walk on a gravel sidewalk. CBS 11 News cameras recorded students crossing the busy intersection Thursday after school. One group even had to maneuver around construction equipment in full operation just to get home.

"You worry on a daily basis, before and after school. People driving in the morning, sometimes they are not paying attention -- texting on the phone -- you never know if they are going to hit a child," said Karley's father, Gregg Simmons "Dangerous for the kids. Dangerous for the crossing guards. Very dangerous area." He tries to give his daughter a ride to school, but sometimes his work schedule does not allow that to happen.

Even the crossing guard worries about the constant traffic and construction mess. "It's pretty scary to me trying to get the kids across," said crossing guard Zeta Hemingway "I have two kids, one goes to the middle school one goes to intermediate. I see my kids coming each day. It's a relief to see them get across safe."

The City of Fort Worth has warned Keller ISD that the construction will get worse before it gets any better over the next several weeks.

By Monday, September 24, the city will be adding another temporary sidewalk near the schools, and another crossing guard.

The construction project at the intersection is estimated to take another several months.

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