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College Players Pepper Sprayed After Basketball Game

CORSICANA (CBS 11 NEWS) – When the final buzzer sounded at the end of a basketball game between the Kilgore College Rangers and the Navarro College Bulldogs, it was the beginning of chaos on the court.

YouTube video captures two of the top teams in the region congratulating each other on a hard fought game. Moments later, Kilgore College is seen celebrating their win on their home floor.

What happened next is causing controversy, and resulted in Navarro players being pepper sprayed by Kilgore College campus police.

According to the Kilgore College police report, some Navarro fans were upset over the loss and made it known.

As police tried to control flaring tempers in the stands, the Navarro basketball players left their locker room and tried to come back onto the court, according to the report.

Campus police say Navarro players tried repeatedly to return to the court before they used pepper spray to stop them.

Dr. Richard Sanchez, President of Navarro College, says the police report contains misinformation. He believes his players behaved appropriately and were under control.

"The players did not come out," says Sanchez. "The police officer went into the locker room and began spraying these students."

Photos taken moments after the players were pepper sprayed shows them covered in white foam, a remnant of the cooling treatment used by trainers to calm the stinging.

"It's very disappointing because measures are extreme measures," said Sanchez. "They feel bad. My coach is very, very hurt, very upset, and I can't blame them. I'm sure that the Kilgore President would feel no different if the tide was turned."

The Kilgore College Campus Chief of Police is leading an internal investigation to determine whether pepper spray should have been used.

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