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Child Hit & Killed Near School, Driver Will Not Be Charged

GARLAND (CBS 11 NEWS) - A Garland family is upset that the driver of a car who struck and killed their 14-year-old daughter will not be charged in her death.

The parents of Tylasia Herford say she wanted to walk home from class with her friends since it was her last week at Lyles Middle School.

Witnesses say the teenager was crossing Oates and Broadway and no more than two steps from making it when the 8th grade student was hit by a passing car.

School Zone victim
(credit: CBS 11 News)

"I couldn't talk to my baby I couldn't hold her and let her know that her mother was there and I loved her," says Natasha Herford, the victim's mother.

Her head injury was too severe and after a day on life support, a child on the verge of high school with dreams of being a fashion designer was dead.

"This is a mothers worst nightmare. I feel like my heart has been ripped away from me," says the mother.

Tylajah's parents want the woman who was driving to be charged for her death.

They say witnesses heard the sound of a car horn instead of brakes and believe the school zone may have still be active when the accident happened.

"She honked her horn in order to tell the little girl she was coming," says Marjorie Sundquist, a Garland resident who says she witnessed the accident.

The parents say their daughters injuries were so severe, the driver had to have been speeding.

School Zone victim 3
(credit: CBS 11 News)

They also say there should have been crossing guards at the four lane intersection.

"This is my only baby girl and I don't have that no more its been taken away from me," says Herford.

Garland Police say the driver had a green light and that witnesses have told them the victim and other girls were running across the street.

A vigil will be held for the teenager on Friday evening at Lyles Middle School.

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